Tuesday, 04 July 2023

Tailor made models for your projects

We put our expertise at your complete disposal to personalize our models and find individual solutions for each project.Our models, can be customized in shape, size and finish, to fulfill the customer's wishes and planning needs. Every piece is unique and must perfectly fit into the environment it is manufactured for.

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We also give you another opportunity!

If your projects require specific models beyond our programmes, you can present with your drawings, and our technical office will be pleased to study and develop the model with you and for you.

Studio Office assists the costumers also during the planning stage. If you have a plan, especially in case of special requirements, we are pleased to help you to find the right solution.


Majority of our products are developed as a response to projects requirements and ideas.

Studio Office is totally committed to developing and manufacturing products complying with the client's demands in terms of aesthetics, technique and costs. We make a new product, a new modification, a new mockup, according to the customer needs and requests.

Send us your requirement and your idea. We will work around it to give you a solution.