Customer Services

The Takis Charalambous Customer Service Department is always available to the customer disposal for any issue related to the products delivered. A full-time team of skillful own technicians or third-party ones will be to the customers’ immediate disposal to meet any issue raised such as: Maintenance. Repairing Studio Office furniture. Upholstery replacement. Assemble-Disassemble of Studio Office furniture. Office furniture transportation. Cleaning chairs, sofas etc. Trading of spare parts.

Note: Depending of the guarantee period and/or the nature of the service inquiry, there might be an additional surcharge imposed.

Design & Planning

A full-time team of designers are always available to assist the client or the project architect/designer in the design and planning of the furniture layout. The Studio Office Design Team can combine all the new elements inquired from Studio Office together with any existing ones to an integral and homogeneous mixing of all to create an ergonomic workspace.The customer's requirements: The client provides information as to the number of employees which will occupy the space, their individual or group demands in equipment, type of communication and contact between specific persons or work teams, public reception etc. The result: The entire above are inter-related harmoniously and offer top individualized solutions to the customer. The latter will not only fulfill the customer's requirements but will also promote the tools of his / her professional activity. A typical sample of the final results can selectively be seen on the “References” page from this site home page.

Note: Usually the Design & Planning Service by Studio Office is provided free of charge to all the customers. However, Takis Charalambous & Co. Ltd reserves the right to issue an invoice to clients who enjoyed the service but failed to buy their furniture/furnishings/accessories from Studio Office